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Energy market Drivers behind Space Solar Power (SSP)
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    Energy market drivers behind Space Solar Power (SSP)
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Space-based solar power is a method of collecting solar energy so that it can be distributed for use all over the earth.  With this amazing technology, space-based solar power is the future of power generation.
Benefits of Space-based Solar Power
The first benefit of solar power satellites or powersats is the fact that space-based solar power collection is virtually unaffected by the day and night cycles of the sun, with only minor effects from orbital eclipse.  On the earth’s surface, solar panels can only collect solar energy for a maximum of 9 hours per day and when there is cloud cover this number is even lower.  Space-based solar power can be collected 24 hours per day for the majority of the year and this means at least 5 times more space-based solar power can be collected than that collected by solar panels on the surface.  That’s 5:1 in favour of space-based solar power.  In areas where it is frequently cloudy, this number jumps to 25:1.

Space-based solar power is a method of using solar power satellites to collect solar energy so that it can be distributed for use all over the earth. With this amazing technology, space-based solar power is the future of power generation.

What else makes space-based solar power a viable energy source for the future? It is fast. The energy can be transmitted from the solar power satellites to the receiving stations and then between receiving stations in just seconds. This is all accomplished via a wireless transfer of the energy and the result is dispatchable, base-load power, which can then power homes and businesses as effectively as the more traditional forms of power generation.
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Space-based Solar Power –
The Power of the Future
  Space Solar Power (Powersat)

Space solar power (SSP) is an innovative, reliable, technologically advanced way of collecting and distributing solar power from space down to earth. (more about powersats or solar power satellites)


Space Solar Power (SSP) is clean and green energy at a low cost with minimal environmental impact.

PowerSat Corporation is a pioneer in generating safe, clean, reliable energy from space. Solar energy is captured via satellites (known as powersats) and transmitted wirelessly to receiving stations at various points around the globe. Thousands of megawatts can be harnessed and shifted between receiving stations thousands of miles from each other - all in a matter of seconds. (More about PowerSat)

What is Space Solar Power?
A SSP system is comprised of a solar power satellite, or powersat, which is a satellite made up of a number of modules outfitted with light weight photovoltaic solar panels.

 (More about space solar power)

Energy across geographic regions. This advantage means that powersats can provide continuous, baseload power in areas where traditional energy sources are hard to site, and in areas where demand is significant.

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